Septic System Installation & Repair Options

There are many different types of septic systems that are legal to install in Brenham & College Station, TX. The two most common types that are utilized in most cases are Conventional and Aerobic.


Conventional septic systems are the original type of system that has been in use the longest.  They rely on tanks to separate solids and then the clean water is most often, gravity fed to an absorptive drain field or leach field.  These systems rely on rock and pipe or  polyethylene panels to create a void for the effluent to be stored in the ground while the soil absorbs it and filters the water back into the ground.  These systems require no moving parts and are always our first choice to install when the soil conditions permit.

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We do our best to deliver to the clients expectations and leave them feeling satisfied they have a septic system that works. We try our best to make the site as pretty as we can, permitting the soil and weather make it possible.


Aerobic septic systems were invented to allow people to have a reliable way to treat effluent in soils containing heavy clay’s, rock, ground water and flat ground.  The benefits of aerobic systems are that the effluent is very clean when it leaves the system and they keep on working no matter how much rain one has or how poor the soils are.  Aerobic septic systems are very similar to a small waste water treatment plant in that they introduce oxygen to the effluent which enables aerobic bacteria to thrive and these bacteria’s then clean the effluent.  The water is then treated with chlorine and safely able to be sprayed into ones yard.

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